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Rehabilitation is a form of physical treatment  aiming to restore quality of life and functional ability of patients with disabilities or physical impairments. Chiropractors are well trained in this field of science.  

Helping patients get through stress, physical impairments or disabilities is a very important part of of physical rehabilitation.
Rehabilitation always begins with an in-depth assessment of the patients health and lifestyle, and the impact their physical impairment has.  Each patient has their own personalized program based on their needs and abilities occasionally drawing from the experience and education of other practitioners.  We believe in working hard for your wellbeing and never shy from asking those who may help with your unique circumstance.


We also feel that rehabilitation is a key component in managing your own health care. Why simply treat the condition, when you can treat and prevent?

Rehabilitative exercises can increase strength, improve power, flexibility and endurance.

Our rehabilitation clinic strives to incorporate the latest research and clinical experience in order to provide our patients with what (we feel) all rehabilitation facilities should provide their clients.




By providing our patients with a diagnosis of their injury, we are able to explain their injury or limitation and provide an individualized treatment plan. By explaining the purpose and goals of the treatment, we can educate you, the patient on how to correctly administer your own therapy. This cuts down on frequency of visits and decreases total health care costs. With these goals in mind, we strive to speed your recovery and decrease your reliance on therapy fast and effectively.

Dr. Adam Soward holds a fellowship with the Canadian

Chiropractic College of Physical and Occupational Rehabilitation.  To obtain this designation Dr. Adam Soward spent an additional three years of training and examination. In addition, Dr. (Adam) Soward obtained his CSCS from the NSCA and incorporates this knowledge into all of his rehab programs. Dr. Courtney Soward is a chiropractor as well as a kinesiologist and CSEP- Clinical Exercise Physiologist. 

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