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Custom Orthotics


Assistive Devices


What are orthotics?

Custom made orthotic inserts are designed to correct abnormal or irregular foot bio mechanics.  They can be rigid, semi-rigid or soft.

At Action Potential Rehabilitation and Chiropractic Clinic, we offer custom-fitted orthotic services.

Our feet contain 52 bones accounting for 25% of the bones in our body. Not to mention the numerous ligaments, tendons and muscles that combine together to allow us to move. Feet are often neglected, placed in ill-fitting shoes or asked to stand on extremely hard surfaces for long periods of time. We may become accustomed to foot pain and problems due to these factors that eventually we deem normal. But is it really normal???


If our feet aren’t providing the proper support, due to foot irregularities or improper footwear, then what becomes of the joints further up the structure? Where is the pressure now placed on the knees or hip? If you suffer from recurrent pain in your feet, knees, or hips, perhaps a supportive device such as orthotics would benefit you.

Before we suggest orthotics, a thorough foot examination and gait analysis are performed in order to assess your foot care needs. Then if we feel orthotics may benefit you, we prepare your foot cast either via foam casting or using a plaster cast.


If you have any questions pertaining to orthotics or your feet, please do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help.

Bracing (Assistive Devices)

There are many conditions that may require a brace. Some of those are knee meniscal injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist and ankle sprains and/or strains, patellofemoral syndrome, arthritis, as well as many other ailments and injuries.

The need of a custom or "off the shelf" brace may first be suggested  by your Chiropractor or Physician. If a brace is required, each patient's need is further evaluated to ensure that the brace or device will improve the patients’ lifestyle, sport, or work and will suit their physical demands. There are often many options when choosing a brace or supportive device. Some devices are simple "off the shelf" devices that can be ordered through your practitioner or purchased that day at a local store. Often however these "off the shelf” braces will still need to be fitted and measured for your particular body type.  Some devices or braces are considered custom and have a more extensive measuring process and physical exam.  There are different positives and negatives between a custom and an "off the shelf " brace and these should be presented to you. 

Once the specific type of brace you require is determined, you then choose your particular brace. More physical details are then collected, which may include various measurements, for that particular brace. Once all the details are recorded your brace can then be ordered.

Once your brace or device arrives your practitioner will help/teach you how to put it on, help you to understand when it is and is not to be used, and how to care for the device. Our care does not end there, we hope that our patients follow up with us to let us know if the device needs adjustments or fine tuning.  


If you have questions about bracing please ask, and we will be glad to show you the array of conditions that can be helped as well as the array of products we have access to.

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