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Fitness / Lifestyle / Exercise


Although this may closely resemble rehabilitation, rehabilitation for your current injury may come to an end. To prevent new or recurrences of injury, an introduction to exercise and lifestyle changes may be needed.  Our clinic is equipped to show new and progressive exercises to continue you on your individual road to recovery and improvement.  We can make note of baseline abilities and monitor progression over time.  

Do not hesitate to ask for further information or advice.



Bonefit is a course developed by Osteoporosis Canada in conjunction with an advisory committee of expert clinicians and academics in the area of osteoporosis and exercise. Course development  was assisted by members of the Canadian Osteoporosis Patient Network (COPN), who were able to consult and provide a patient perspective into the program.


At Action Potential Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Clinic, our Bonefit Trained practitioner can conduct a thorough clinical assessment and fracture screening. This assessment can be performed whether the individual has low bone mass or whether they have complex osteoporosis with co-morbidities. Following assessment, rehabilitation may be prescribed in the form of safe exercise prescription & adaptation ,and/or in the evaluation of activities of daily living and recreational pursuits with the provision of safe alternatives.


If you or your loved ones, have been given a diagnosis of low bone mass, osteopenia or osteoporosis and have questions pertaining to safe movement and exercise, please contact our Bonefit trained practitioner.

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